Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrity: Idris Elba & Pete Rock

Ah, celebrities and their last minute cakes...

This cake was ordered on Monday for a Wednesday night party for the amazingly handsome and talented Idris Elba. And I firmly stand by that statement. Mr. Elba has starred in countless movies, including Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls and Guy Ritchie's Rock N Rolla. He also took the helm of Dunder Mifflin when NBC's The Office's top dog left to start The Michael Scott Paper Company. Only a man with superb talent would attempt to fill Michael's shoes. And for the handsome part, well I'll let you judge for your self. Google "Idris Elba" and click images. Go ahead, we'll wait...

See! What did I tell you!!!

Any way, in addition to being a hot actor and hot,well, person, Idris Elba is also an extremely talented musician and DJ who goes by the name of Driis. To celebrate his new album and birthday I was commissioned to make a cake shaped like a DJ's turntable. We were also invited to attend the event taking place at a super secret location in lower Manhattan. Seriously, it has no name, just a building number and from the outside it looks like old book store.

I finished the cake with just enough time to get dressed and throw my make up in a bag to deliver the cake and party like it's Wednesday.

The event was fabulous and the music was even better since it was DJ'd by the guest of honor. When the cake was presented, Pete Rock gave Sugar Mama NYC a shout out and Idris loved the cake, which

you can "kind of" tell by the photos taken by my friend Lauren who is a model and clearly knows which side of the

camera she belongs on.

I spoke to Idris personally and he thanked me for the cake and told me how much he loved it! He also said the next time he was in the area, he would visit my studio...

I hope he wasn't kidding...

Well, it's bake to work for me!

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Enjoy Being A Girl...

Very recently, Sugar Mama NYC was asked to participate in a fabulous cocktail event at the legendary lingerie mainstay Town Shop on The Upper West Side hosted by a fabulous new lingerie company called Dirty Dolls.

I was contacted by Mel Gorski of GoGoMedia to add a wedding cake and delicious cupcakes to the lingerie party which focused on soon to be brides. I was joined by make up artists, provided by The Glam Fairy and Jo Weldon from The New York School of Burlesque, whom provided saucy striptease lessons. Top it off with vino-a-plenty and a fabulous swag bag filled with goodies from Bust Magazine and Booty Parlor and this was definitely not your mama's panty party!

* photo courtesy of Raquel Lauren*
Sugar Mama Cupcakes decked out with The Sugar Mama and Dirty Dolls logo. Flavors included Pink Champagne (gone in 15 minutes!) , Red Velvet, Chocolate and Butter Cake all topped off with Vanilla Rum Buttercream... yes, you can eat the logos!

* photo courtesy of Raquel Lauren*
Courtney Leigh(left)and Erica Rosalind of Dirty Dolls Lingerie making a Sugar Mama sandwich and showing off the goodies... and the cupcakes! Check out my gorgeous make over courtesy of The Glam Fairy!

* photo courtesy of Raquel Lauren*
My burlesque inspired topsy turvy creation topped with The Dirty Dolls silouette, provided by the dolls. On the right, you can see The Glam Fairy herself, Alexa Prisco working her make up magic!

So, I'm pretty sure this photo was also taken by Raquel but since she used my functional but by no means professional quality camera, I'm sure she wouldn't mind not being credited here.
Here we three glamorous ladies are made four by Mel Gorski of Go Go Media Inc. Mel and Erica met while working for Playboy! I was the lady walking around in "the boots."

This photo was lovingly borrowed from the Dirty Dolls Society page, thanks ladies!
This is the fabulous Jo Weldon modeling the same lingerie set I snagged from Dirty Dolls. Click here to snag your own! Bra & Panty. You can definitely see the Playboy influence in the style, but it's infused with class, couture and best of all COMFORT! It's sexy lingerie that you actually want to wear because it fits so well! I love, love, love my Dirty Dolls lingerie!

My boyfriend is also a fan.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a difference time makes!

One of these was made over a year ago and one was made a few weeks ago. See if you can guess which is which?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sugar Mama NYC's newest sweetheart!

I'm so proud and excited to announce the birth of my niece Genevieve Olivia DuQuesnay!
Isn't she beautiful?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Read All About It!!!....and then order a cake!

Today, yours truly was in the AM NY newspaper! They had a special issue with a "Bridal Guide" for all those newly engaged bridezillas who are freaking out and have no idea how to start planning their wedding. It included planning tips, books to read, signature cocktails, and of course CAKES!

The ad looked like the following and was on page 22. Grab a free copy in the city and check it out!

After a several hours, I already got two calls and one immediate sale! The power of an AD! =)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bella + Edward

With all the hype of Twilight, the book and the movie....there of course needs to be a cake!

Twilight Cake

Edward <3s align="center">
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