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Karma Cakes: Doughjangles - Sweets by Aaron

In Karma Cakes, I highlight an organization or individual that uses baking to make the lives of others a little better. If you know of a bakery, organization or individual that does this please let us know.
Most everyone I know that bakes, including myself, do it because is makes people happy. Then there are those that use baking as way to reach people in other ways like...
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In October 2006, Aaron Ware lost his best friend. His twin brother ,Eric (pictured below on the left with Aaron), with whom he had been inseparable since before birth; they were spotted holding hands in a sonagram; had passed away after battling brain cancer for 3 years.
Worried about her son's declining mood and behavior, Angela Ware made an appointment with her family's pediatrician, Dr. Marilyn Corder to discuss possible solutions for Aaron's depression.

Instead of referring Aaron to a psychiatrist and prescribing anti-depressants, Dr. Corder tried a different approach. She asked Aaron what he loved to do, and with a smile Angela hadn't seen since losing Eric, Aaron replied, "I love to bake."
On her prescription pad she instructed Aaron start a business and listed all the steps involved. She became his first investor with a $20 bill from her own pocket and that is how Doughjangles was formed.

It's truly brought their family together. Aaron (pictured on the right) bakes with assistance from his mom and older brother, Bryce. His dad, Eric, helps package, label and deliver the cookies.
What Aaron earns from his cookies, after purchasing supplies and paying his brother's $2 a day salary, goes to help the charities that helped his family while Eric was battling cancer and offered support after. Check out Aaron's Donation Page for a full list of the charities he's supporting with his cookies.

If this post has you in a cookie mood, you can order a batch baked by Aaron himself by visiting his website, Choose from five crave worthy flavors, including Blissful Chocolate Chip and Paula Deen's Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies for $ 12.00/dz & $ 8.00/shipping. Even those without a sweet tooth can help by sending donations to the charities listed on Aaron's Donation Page.
I myself am checking the mail every day for my Blissful Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'll keep you updated.

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From Grief, a Md. twin bakes to brotherly love


It's been 12 days since a 7.0 magnatude earthquake ravage the capitol of Haiti and neighboring towns. Aid is arriving but alot more is needed. I've compiled a list of charities you can support in under a minute by send text messages which are then added to your phone bill. I know we're in the midst of our own recession and we're all busy but everyone can take minute to donate via text.
  1. HOPE FOR HAITI text "give" to 50555 $ 10.00
  2. YELE HAITI text "yele" to 501501 $ 5.00
  3. YELE HAITI text "haiti" to 501501 $ 10.00
  4. RED CROSS text "haiti" to 90999 $ 10.00
  5. OXFAM text "oxfam" to 25383 $ 10.00
  6. UNICEF text "unicef" to 20222 $ 10.00
Mesi! ("thanks!" in Haitian Creole)

*if you find any other reputable charities that collect donations for Haiti via text, send 'em on over and I'll update them!*

Thanks for tuning in! 'til next time...
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