Saturday, August 8, 2009

Celebrity: Idris Elba & Pete Rock

Ah, celebrities and their last minute cakes...

This cake was ordered on Monday for a Wednesday night party for the amazingly handsome and talented Idris Elba. And I firmly stand by that statement. Mr. Elba has starred in countless movies, including Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls and Guy Ritchie's Rock N Rolla. He also took the helm of Dunder Mifflin when NBC's The Office's top dog left to start The Michael Scott Paper Company. Only a man with superb talent would attempt to fill Michael's shoes. And for the handsome part, well I'll let you judge for your self. Google "Idris Elba" and click images. Go ahead, we'll wait...

See! What did I tell you!!!

Any way, in addition to being a hot actor and hot,well, person, Idris Elba is also an extremely talented musician and DJ who goes by the name of Driis. To celebrate his new album and birthday I was commissioned to make a cake shaped like a DJ's turntable. We were also invited to attend the event taking place at a super secret location in lower Manhattan. Seriously, it has no name, just a building number and from the outside it looks like old book store.

I finished the cake with just enough time to get dressed and throw my make up in a bag to deliver the cake and party like it's Wednesday.

The event was fabulous and the music was even better since it was DJ'd by the guest of honor. When the cake was presented, Pete Rock gave Sugar Mama NYC a shout out and Idris loved the cake, which

you can "kind of" tell by the photos taken by my friend Lauren who is a model and clearly knows which side of the

camera she belongs on.

I spoke to Idris personally and he thanked me for the cake and told me how much he loved it! He also said the next time he was in the area, he would visit my studio...

I hope he wasn't kidding...

Well, it's bake to work for me!

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time!
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