Monday, March 1, 2010

Cake of the Week: Disney & Pixar's Wall-E Cake

I've notice a trend with rush cakes. They usually end up being the coolest ones. This is in no way and encouragement for clients to wait until the last minute to order thinking they'll get better cakes. This is just an observation & rush fees do apply.

This weeks last minute beauty is everyone's favorite trash collecting robot, Wall-E.

Wall-E's body is two tiers of lemon cake with lemon buttercream. His head, arms and wheels are rice krispy treats and his hands are modeling chocolate.

To create the effect the Wall-E was being supported by his wheels. I build a wooden platform added the wheels which took forever to decorate and airbrushed the entire structure black. I next stacked the tiers of cake, covered them with fondant and airbrushed it and orange/yellow. I subsequently sculpted the arms, eyes with RKTs and covered/painted them as well.

The hands were a little trickier as the more you handle the modeling chocolate the softer it becomes. Once the pieces of the hand were set I "glued" the hands together with melting modeling chocolate which kept hardening when I didn't want it to.

Once the pieces were completed and dried; I assembled Wall-E and added the final details, such as the buttons, "hard ware" and writing.

When the cake was picked up, the client, who was initially skeptical about the price was very pleased with the result and so was I.

Well, it's bake to work for me.
Thanks for tuning in.
Until next time...
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