Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest Blogger: Tamara from Events by WE

Every one loves getting guests and the Sugar Mama NYC blog is no exception. It's great to hear point of views, stories and great info from the world beyond my kitchen (and laptop). So when I find someone that I enjoy hearing from, I invite them (read: stalk them until they say yes) to pop in here and share with all of you. If you're interested in guest blogging, feel free to leave your info: name, email, blog link and maybe I'll be able to hang up my binoculars and night vision goggles. I hear the laws on stalking are getting kinda strict...
Now, without further ado. Introducing...

Guest Blogger: Tamara from Events by WE

Hello, my name is Tamara from Events by WE. I am an Event Planner from Cincinnati, though my best friend and business partner, Alycia and I plan events all over the country. I was recently asked by Michelle, to give you my take on the wedding cake trends for 2010 in my area of the world.

First, I would like to tell you that, I'm all about showing off your personal style. I'm talking about showing your guests something new. Maybe, give your guest a runway show. Brides don't leave anything untouched! I had to get that out.

Next, let me tell you that, the themes and colors of this season's ceremonies are turning away from traditional pastels and pure white cakes in the favor of BOLD and BRIGHT hues. The colors that my brides are looking at are orange and turquoise and the many shades of purple leading the pack. Brides here are not afraid too match their bridesmaids dress color with their cake, a detail which can complete the perfect look for an outdoor reception. I can also tell you that, fresh fruits are definitely making an impact on wedding cake designs this year. More brides than ever are asking about fresh fruits. I'm talking about peaches, blackberries, strawberries and OMG, my favorite...mangoes! Brides are really wanting these fresh fruits to embellish their cakes.

And for you Brides that are asking yourself, "Are cupcakes going somewhere soon?" I'm telling you, "No." Cupcakes are getting an invitation too the celebration and they are coming in a class that stands alone. Here is the thing about cupcakes, they are are just to cute to do without. I had a bride ask "If I have a cake, can I still have cupcakes?" My response was, "Absolutely!" My suggestion would be to, have your wedding planner to set up an over the top dessert bar, with all of yours and your future husband's favorite treats from childhood. Cupcakes can add so much fun to a dessert bar. All of your guests will absolutely LOVE it, and you will be the topic of everyone's morning after conversation.

Again Brides, it's all about your personal style. Whether it's bright colors, cranberries or cupcakes make your wedding cake reflect your inner fabulousness, because that's the real reason the guests are coming to your wedding; to celebrate you.


Tamara E. from Events by WE
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