Monday, January 25, 2010

Cake of the Week: Sassy Circus Cake!

Last Thursday I got the call every cake designer loves, not! Yup, that just happened. hello 1992.
It was a desperate husband looking for a spectacular cake for his wife's birthday...that weekend.
I would've immediately said no while staring at the wall full of clipboards listing things that had yet to be molded, sculpted or crumb-coated but this guy was a total sweetheart and convinced me that a few hours less sleep this week was definitely worth making this cake. The rush fee I tacked on didn't hurt either.

His wife wanted a Topsy-turvy cake similar to the style they had at their wedding and was celebrating her 30th birthday with a Circus themed party. How fun is that?! I was in.
The goal was to capture the colorful, whimsical spirit of the circus while creating a cake that was sophisticated enough for 30 year old.

The flavor for the top tier was Old Fashioned Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Butter cream; the birthday girl's favorite, and the bottom tier was Very Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Swiss Meringue Butter cream.

To create the Topsy-turvy effect I used two Styrofoam wedges slightly smaller that the tiers they were supporting. Once the cake was together it was time to paint.

I painted the tiers of cake with patterns of warm colors and the supports with patterns of cool colors. I accented the patterns with royal icing painted with silver luster dust. For an added touch of fun I trimmed the bottom for the support tiers with gold gum paste ropes and tassels.
I finished the cake with cool colored fondant "balloons" and a silver 30!

I was having so much fun with cake and the hours flew by; when I finally delivered the cake to the venue I had moments to spare. The birthday girl, who was dressed as a ringmaster, loved the cake; as did all her guests and I, as is usually the case with my favorite cakes, was sad to see it go but was glad it found a good home.

Well it's "bake" to work for me!
Thanks for tuning in... until next time.


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