Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cake of the Week: Back to the 80s

This week's beauty is a huge cake for a very nostalgic 16 year old. When I met with Kimberly and her mom, Kimberly was very clear that she wanted an amazing cake to compliment her 80's themed party. It just so happened that I had a sketch for an 80's themed wedding cake that never happened. Bad news for the couple, but good news for Kimberly. We modified the design to include Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man, finished off with a glittery microphone and 16 topper both in pink; the birthday girl's favorite color.

The cake is composed of 3 square tiers of cake. The bottom tier is chocolate with chocolate butter cream. The middle and top tiers are white cake with yummy strawberry fruit filling.
The bottom tier was a graffiti'd brick wall composed of fondant cut into panels pressed with a brick patterned impression mat, airbrushed with a combination of yellow, red, orange, then
finally brown, and "spray painted" with tags.

The middle tier is something I'm sure the birthday girl has no experience with, but everybody remembers... the cassette boom box! As I was putting this cake together I became flooded with memories of me taping songs from the radio and winding a cassette with a pencil. And the best was when your Walkman ( your what?!) would run out of batteries and your music would play sloower and sloooower. Those were the days...

The top tier is adorned with a name buckle and decorated with the theme of every child of the 80's pixelated partners, Pac Man & Ms. Pac Man complete with pellets and the ever coveted power pellets. I noticed as I was decorating the top tier that Ms. Pac Man had to have one crazy morning routine. She wears lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, a fake mole and even takes the time to put a bow in her hair! Pac Man however, just rolls out of bed and starts chasing ghosts. I guess it's another example of art imitating life.

The cake was topped with a rice krispy treat microphone and gumpaste 16. After a quick coat of pearlescent shimmer for some extra zazz it was ready to go! This deceptively heavy cake, about 50 -60 lbs, was loaded up, delivered and once set up fit in perfectly with the old school hip hop decor.

Happy Birthday Kimberly! I hope it was funky fresh! :o)
Well, it's bake to work for me!
Thanks for tuning in!


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