Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sugar Mama NYC News: There's...Something...on....SNL!!

Yes! And it's our cake!! The prop department at SNL rocks and evidently they feel the same about us, because they called us again to do a couple of cakes for last week's episode hosted by Jude Law.

There are a couple of things that make this SNL job awesome.

The first, of course, is being called to have a cake appear on SNL. Also, instead of having to make 3 or 4 gigantic actual cakes, which would mean 3 days of no sleep, around the clock baking and schlepping cakes that weigh 60-80 lbs., they asked for 2 large dummy cakes colorfully decorated in any way I saw fit! Yay! And because the skit would be shot in black and white, the colors themselves weren't an issue. No caring about mixing cool and warm colors, wondering if it's too bright or too muted or any of that mess. Just easy to carry and colorful. Sure, I can do that, I thought as the tears of joy rolled down my cheeks.

Surely what has to be my favorite part of this experience was the skit itself. "Terror at 20,000 Feet" has to be one of the all time best classic Twilight Zone episodes, and definitely one of my faves. The original starred the incomparable Willie Shatz as a passenger that sees a gremlin, who I always thought looked like weird stuffed animal, on wing of the plane he's a passenger in. In this take, Capt. Kirk is replaced by Jude Law and the gremlin who is played to perfection by Bobby Moynahan, is engaging in different activity every time Jude Law sneaks a glance out of the window; from exercising, smoking, hanging out with the members of Pearl Jam & my favorite; moving his cake to the judges table, he truly made this skit hilarious. But don't take my word for it. See for yourself!

Well it's bake to work for me!
Thanks for tuning in...until next time!


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